O365 - how to link across applications?

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My company uses Office 365 for all our business applications.  I am on a Windows 10 computer.  I am trying to create a list of things I need to do in One Note (One Note for Windows 10) and then link it to a 'To Do' or in Outlook  where I can set reminders, meetings, etc...tied to that item.  I see plenty of instructions relating to One Note 2016 or Outlook 2016, but nothing for Office 365??? 


When I am logged into Office 365 from a web browser, I can see an option to include various tags.  I do NOT have any of the tag options from the downloaded app.  However, even in the tag options from the web browser, I can't seem to link it to 'To Do' or an outlook item such as a meeting. 


It almost feels like Office 365 is "downgraded" in options and functionality from the 2016 versions? 


Any help anyone could provide is appreciated....  :)

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