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Hi Everyone,

I'm bit of an Exchange (and Powershell) novice, hoping to get some help with reporting and updating the Language, Date Formats, Time Zones etc for all of our users (~450).


Found a Powershell command to get all the users current settings, made a couple of changes to export it to CSV, the CSV contained a few extra fields I didn't want so included the select statement.


Here's what I ended up with:


$Users = Get-Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited -filter {(RecipientTypeDetails -eq 'UserMailbox')}
$Users | Get-MailboxRegionalConfiguration | Select-Object Identity, Language, DateFormat, TimeFormat, TimeZone | Export-CSV -NoTypeInformation -Path C:\temp\regions.csv -Encoding UTF8


First time I ran it with the resultsize as 10 and all seemed to work fine. 

Change it to unlimited, left it to run and came back to :

"WARNING: Micro delay applied. Actual delayed: 49373 msecs, Enforced: True, Capped delay: 49373 msecs, Required: False, Additional info"


Saw a couple of options online to get around this (Start-Sleep or RobustCloudCommand), but a bit lost how to apply either to what I already have.


Is there a better way to extract the information I need?

Have I impacted the performance of the Powershell above by including the select statement?

Lastly to do a bulk update I was looking to use the following, will I experience the same Mirco delay issue?

$MymailBoxes = Get-Mailbox
ForEach ($ExamineDmailbox in $MymailBoxes){ $regionalconfig = Get-MailboxRegionalConfigurationidentity $examinedmailbox.identity
if ($regionalconfig.timezone -ne <"Time Zone"> ){ Set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration -identity $examinedmailbox.identity -TimeZone <"Time Zone"> -confirm:$False } }
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