O365 Dynamic distribution Group to Room/Equipment Mailbox full Access

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I created a dynamic distribution group for all users inside our organization.


I have a equipment mailbox that i want to assign full access rights to all users in our organization, and also any new users that get created automatically.


I tried to assign the dynamic group "allusers" to the delegates of the the equipment mailbox but it won't recognize the dynamic group...


I tried this with a shared mailbox as well, and it won't recognize the dynamic group either.


Any idea's how I can do this?

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You can't. Dynamic DGs are NOT a security principal, you cannot use them for delegating permissions. Use a mail-enabled security group instead.



Can a mail-enabled security group be rigged to automatically add all users, and future users that get added...or do I have to add to it each time I have a new user?



You would need to create a script that runs on a schedule to add users the the security group. Membership is not dynamic

What is the issue that you are trying to solve here? I certainly cannot think of many reasons to have Full Access permissions on an equipment mailbox, in 99% of the time simply adjusting the Calendar permissions is enough. And that can be done by changing the "Default" level, no need to add any other entries.

@Vasil Michev I believe there is a user case here for setting mailbox folder permissions. For example, you would like a local team or group to have a higher permission such as viewing calendars with titles and locations where the rest of the org would have a lower level of access. 


I feel like i'm back in the 1990s creating a script to populate a static group. Anyways... I'll get my hyper colour shirt on and head on back to the 90s. 


Hmmm.... Maybe a dynamic O365 will work?