O365 Business Mobile Device Setup

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We have mostly O365 Business Essentials subscriptions and I was wondering what other companies use as their recommended e-mail setup. With EAS, MDM for O365 and Outlook Mobile I am not really sure what I should be using and how/if those products work together. EAS and MDM for O365 was pretty straight forward, but I could not find out how Outlook Mobile works with the built-in MDM, are there any limitations to it? We have a mix of iOS and Android devices if that makes a difference.

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365 mdm works good on mobile! The features work but they are limited to the features of the built-in mdm solution!
If you want advanced features you can use Intune, but that will cost you additional licenses


Thanks, but does Outlook Mobile work well with the 365 MDM? I set up the MDM without requiring a managed e-mail profile, so I set up Outlook, which then required me to enroll into the Company Portal, everything seemed good to that point. When I retired the device it unrolled the device form the company portal but Outlook continued to receive e-mail as it registered with EAS and not MDM, is this normal?

Seems like the policy for restricting access is configured incorrectly..
Please se link below for information about policy’s and limitation and abilities among the different platforms!

Cheers / adam