Now Easily Audit Email Deletion in Office 365


I have created a PowerShell script to find out who deleted an email from the Office 365 mailbox. By using in-built filtering params, you can generate 7 granular email deletion audit reports.


I have listed a few use-cases of the script below,
- Tracks all the deleted emails
- Identifies who deleted emails from a shared mailbox
- Audits deleted emails from a specific mailbox
- Finds deleted emails by subject
- Audits email deletion for custom period
- Schedules audit report to track email deletion

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Hello Kathy! I have downloaded the script "AuditDeletedEmails.ps1" next to Download Script but I'm not sure how to run the other scripts. Someone in my org deleted and purged emails from her mailbox and I need data on when exactly she did this. Any help would be greatly appreciated! When I run the script that I downloaded from your website, it pulls deleted emails for my account from 12/24/2021 to today.