Not receiving SMS to reset account, 2 tickets raised, no response.

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I cannot reset my password as I'm not receiving SMS messages to my mobile *only* for this service.  I have other Microsoft 365 accounts that happily send me authentication SMS messages.  I have 2 tickets raised (24593952 and 24390028) , but it's been over 2 weeks since I've had any reply.  This is my own Work Account; we're also in the middle of planning to move out datacentres to the cloud and weighing up whether to Azure or AWS - tbh this sort of shoddy support makes me much more likely to go AWS..  Is it too much to expect someone to take responsibility for a ticket?

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You are the Admin of that Tenant? Did you try just to disable 2FA temporarily, reset your password, be sure your connection works and re-enable 2FA?



I'm the global admin, so can't get in to change any settings.

Hello, this is not Microsoft support so no use sending your ticket numbers here :)

As you're an global admin I don't understand why you cannot sort this out? Why don't you just require a re-registration of MFA for that work account?

Or use PowerShell

I might be missing something obvious in your scenario.
It's my global admin account I'm locked out of... I can't reset the password, and the 2FA isn't being delivered.
Ok. Must be other admins in your org? If not I would call support as you haven’t set up any alternate contact info for password reset.
I'm the only admin. There are alternate contacts (email), but sending SMS to the mobile number I have stored doesn't work (although they work fine for my other MS tenants). I have raised support calls, hence the 2 ticket numbers, but I'm getting no response, catch 22...
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Doesn’t sound right with your tickets. Something must be wrong. Call them and push for action. Good luck!
Kept calling, and have finally had a response from someone who could actually help. Phew - only took a month...
Glad it got sorted! Can't believe it took that long for you to get proper assistance from the official support.