Not able to attach a onedrive link from within Outlook 2016

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I have my files in Onedrive and I am using Outlook 2016. When I attach a file (from my Windows Explorer/Onedrive folder) or choosing Browse web locations/Onedrive I am never given the option of attaching it as a link instead of the whole file.
Of course I can go to the file and press share to generate a link (and copy paste it into the outlook message) but it would be much more easier and efficient if I just could choose link (or file) when I use the attachment option on a onedrive file from within Outlook.
Is this possible?

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Have you connected your Onedrive account to Office / logged in to office with same account as Onedrive under the accounts tab?

@adam deltinger 

Hi Adam,

Yes, I am logged in with my private o365 credentials, the same as the outlook account.


@Joao Casqueiro Did you check the Outlook option shown here?2019-11-12_18-44-43.png

@Rob Ellis 

Hi Rob,

Yes, it is enabled.


@Joao Casqueiro  

Is your outlook signed in to O365 account. File--> account check the status.

In outlook, can you select the Cloud attachments . 


Please refer the below article.


Hi James,

The problem is not with which shows me the option of attaching as a link. The issue is with Outlook 2016 desktop and yes, I am logged in to my O365 account and I can select Cloud attachments. The issue is that it doesn't ask me if I want to insert the link or the file, it just attaches the file.


@Joao Casqueiro I am having the same issue with Outlook. Did you ever find a solution?