No Search Results - Outlook 365

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I am trying to search one of my archive folders so an email. And no matter what I search the results are always coming back No Result, even though there should be something there

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@ryanl1 do you have online outlook access and can check if this also happens there?

Hi @orchee I cannot search those folders on the web version of outlook since it is in my archive files.

@ryanl1 you probably need to run and recreate your index from scratch. Here you've got details how to do it: click 

Thanks for the infomartion@orchee I followed the instructions and reindexed, but it is still doing the same thing and showing no results.

@orcheeI did a reindex on files other than my outlook since I tried to hit the location where my archive file was...


However, I got a notice today that other people in my company were having similar issues and Microsoft acknowledged this was some search issues across 365 products. So they resolved the issue and my indexing finished around the same time so not sure which one fix it but it works now!


I appreciate the help you gave me :D

@ryanl1 Great news, glad to hear that :smile: