No Outlook in Office 365 License?

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I have an Office 365 license through my work. Everyone else seems to have been able to access Outlook except for me. All the other apps are available in the app launcher except for Outlook (see screenshot attached).


Why can I not access Outlook? Is it not included in my license? 

office 365 app launcher.JPG

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Hi @Thomasr3990 - when you click on the app launcher in the top left (the waffle), is Outlook not there either? What happens when you try to navigate to this URL: ?

Thanks Kelly,


It is not in the launcher. When I click the link i am given the following message:


Something went wrong
Your account has been disabled.
cId: BD5F528F7F204405A5DF3D2092ADA4A0
app: Mail
st: 500
reqid: null
wsver: null
efe: SYBPR01CA0054
ebe: SYBP282MB0044
et: ServerError
esrc: SessionData
err: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.AccountDisabledException
estack: Error: 500
    at async Promise.all (index 0)
ts: 2020-04-02 01:49:38Z


You seem to be confusing Outlook with the mailbox. Specifically, in the web version, the Outlook Web App is only provided to users who have a mailbox in Office 365, that is have an Exchange license assigned to them. You cannot use the Outlook web app to connect to any other mailbox apart from the one given you by your organization, unlike the Outlook desktop app where you can configure say a gmail account.


Best check with your IT folks whether you should be given such mailbox and also query them about the "account is disabled" part.

Hi Kelly,

Did you manage to resolve the situation with no Outlook in Office 365 License? I have the same situation and not getting very far with resolving it.
I have the same error message as you had when trying to log onto OWA.

Within the desktop version, I am unable to send or receive emails due to no server connection.

We have a valid office 365 business licence, and the domain name is valid.

Any assistance would be great!