No Microsoft Endpoint Manager in Office 365 E5?

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I wanted to migrate to Office 365 E5 plan so i activated a trial license to have a look at its capabilities,

now I'm having problem accessing Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Intune.

I thought E5 plan is the most complete package.


First problem,


I'm getting this error


{ "error": { "code": "BadRequest", "message": "Request not applicable to target tenant.", "innerError": { "request-id": "dea795f6-ad89-47d9-b6ad-4ceb100345af", "date": "2019-12-05" } }}



Second problem,

the Devices section is missing from Office 365 Admin center.


Third problem,


Annotation 2019-12-05 151759.png



my user account is global admin and has access to all available licenses inside E5 plan.


also i'm seeing this

Annotation 2019-12-05 151934.png


any ideas how to get Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Intune working?


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Okay so Office 365 E5 


Annotation 2019-12-05 153748.png


Differs from Enterprise Mobility + Security E5

which has different packages and prices + 3 months trial usage.


Annotation 2019-12-05 152934.png





Microsoft 365 plans include all of the above and they are the most complete solutions.


  • Windows 10 Enterprise licenses + Office 365 licenses + Enterprise security + Mobility (Intune & Endpoint Manager)


Thanks to @Chris Webb for providing more info.


my problems and errors got fixed after activating Enterprise mobility + security E5


I hope in the future, Microsoft improves them so a user will know when they are getting those errors. no where in those error messages it said that i needed to get Enterprise mobility + security plan.

Microsoft 365 E5 includes all the bits for this. Office E5 is just office online apps and services. You can add onto Office E5 with with EMS E5 you have in the screenshot. But the one that includes Windows 10 + Office + EMS is Microsoft 365 E5 or M365 E5 license tier.

Thank you very much!