No account available in Outlook

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Hello Everyone. I hope all is well. Some of our users randomly receives "No account available" in their outlook. The symptoms are, they can still received emails but are unable to send, emails will be stuck in Outbox without the user's email account in the "From" field. We are using office 365 for our email.






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Hello, @WinFrank, the lion's share of such issues can be resolved with the help of repairing Office.


It is made to scan and correct the problems with the settings of files, which can be a reason for the errors. To get more details about it, check this article:


Most issues with Outlook are usually resolved by running an Office repair. This process will scan and correct problems with files or configurations that may be causing your issue. To run an Office repair, you can follow the steps in this article. This documentation can also be helpful.


System issues can cause serious problems to your organization's data safety, to give your data a second life, check this info.

@WinFrank, Hello, were you ever able to find a solution to this problem? Having the exact same issue.