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Folks, I am new to office 365 admin. I would like to get notify when my admins create new user in office 365. I looked in compliance and alert but couldn't find for new user...can someone please give me little input...


thanks in advance

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@Orion-Skol Anyone??

Hi @Orion-Skol, try to create a Power Automate flow to receive such notifications. 

@Victor Ivanidze Thx Victor. I am well familiar with PowerAutomate and created quite few flows. I know i can create user but not sure how to identify new user if my admins create. any thoughts or link?

@Orion-Skol Hey, this is a really old conversation and I cannot verify it right now. Have a look and see if it's applicable

Hi @Orion-Skol, create a SharePoint list of the currently existing users.  Run the flow periodically and compare the list with AD data.

@ChristianBergstrom Thanks for your input. They talk about something alert for onedrive creation. 


So, there is no way to get Alert  for new user creation in Azure or office 365? This would be disturbing from admin site? 

Hey, yeah that’s my point with the other conversation. They get ”new user alerts” when using that one as all new users get a OneDrive. But as I said I haven’t verified it as it’s pretty old.