New style is ugly

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How does the following make sense? Yellow post-it note? OK, fine, that's what we had before. But now we get an additional black border (black probably due to the visual style)?


Did you guys even test this or did you just slap on new design elements from your graphics designers and called it a day?


The whole thing reeks of "oh, look, we have a new style in Windows 11"... I can really live with the rounded edges (even if it doesn't fit with the rest of Windows 10's design at all), but when you're actively making things look bad just to conform to a new Windows design then it's really annoying...

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Its hard to understand why Microsoft keeps messing with layouts so much. Outlook was previously messed up with big fonts and empty spaces taking up valuable screen space especially if you are trying to work on small screen.

Now office 365 has been messed up with rounded edging on ribbon, wasted space and actually useful buttons all hidden in some maze under the new ribbon.

It is so bad I have decided to go back office 2019. And not renew office 365 which runs out next year.