New portal experience not available for everyone

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Hello everybody,


2 days ago, a colleague showed me he just got the new dashboard on



He is the only one I know who got the new dashboard, despite the fact that we are all on "First release for everyone":



Anyone knows why?

How can we set up the new design to all users?


Thanks in advance

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Hi Christian, I think this is part of a wider rollout of the new app launcher and app gallery, which is still being deployed to First Release.  It's going to be in First Release for at least the next month and the roll out to the rest of the world is expected to be completed by early 2018.  


While this deployment is ongoing, some users may have this feature while others might not until the rollout is completed.  In my tenant, I don't have the new look, nor the new app launcher but I do have the new app gallery, so there is some variability.  The Message center is the best place to track the progress with this, as it continues.

To me is strange this issue...if all the tenant is in first release, all users should get the new App Launcher and not just does not make any sense to me

I saw a case where the same user, who is not first release, had the new experience in IE but not in Edge. I am first release on this same tenant and I never had the new experience in any browser (Chrome, IE, Edge).


It's weird.


On my dev tenant, which is set to first release for everyone, I have the new look in the waffle menu but not on home.