New Outlook icons too big

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Hi all,


since a few days all workstations here at our company get the new outlook Design with the bigger navigation icons  and if you write a new email the "from" "to" etc. buttons are a lot bigger then before, it all looks a bit like the "tablet-touch-mode".  (see in the attachement)


Is there a solution to reactivate the old layout or a way to make them smaller?


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Far as I'm aware not anymore. You could roll back to a slower release ring, but it's almost to the point where all rings have the new UI I believe.

The Semi-annual (targeted) channel still has the old icons (version 1902). This means the semi-annual should have them as well.

Well, I used to use this to switch Rings, I think it still works. It updates your reg keys to move your ring, assuming it's not hard coded via install or intune. But keep in mind if you go back to an older release, you will lose newer features etc.