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Hi all, new to the community. I cannot get used to the the 365 format in excel. I use excel for very basic functions however I cannot figure out how to make this scenario work in 365. Essentially, I am looking to take the first monday of september 2018 and every subsequent monday until june 2019. When i sent up A1 with 9/3/2018 and A2 with 9/10/2018 and drag both boxes down 40 rows, it simply copies the data. how do i rectify this? i cannot change formatting. thank you in advance. 

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My recommendation is that rather than trying to edit the file in the Office 365 WebApp, you can open the file from Office 365 in the Excel desktop application and live edit it in the cloud as thought it were located on your desktop. 


You can do this by choosing the "Open in Excel" option in the application or by simply open the excel application and adding the Office 365 location to the Desktop App and open the file from there. 


I hope this helps!

Thank you. I should have mentioned that I have a chrome book and this issue is happening within the actual app. I don’t know if the chrome os versions has a much more pared down version but I can’t seem to figure this one out