New Buisness - New Domains & New Sharepoint Sites, But Seperate

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Hi Guys,


Ive been using office365 for awhile and usually if asked i setup a business tenant & domain and off they and i go. However i have a new business that wishes to be the have control of many other smaller businesses that each have their own domain names and SharePoint, Users, sites etc and are completely separated from each other.


So i have setup a new domain/tenant etc that will be the "host" and will pay for the smaller businesses and then added another directory. However this new directory/Domain does not have Sharepoint etc? how do i go about this?



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There isn’t any way to setup a new SharePoint instance with a different domain in the same Office 365 tenant. Even though you may have several different domain in the tenant. You only have one instance of all the services. Exchange, SharePoint, Azure Ad, etc.

At this point in time, if they need there own instance of everything it will have to be a new instance/tenant in Office 365.

In theory, at some point in the future you *might* be able to come closer to accomplish this with information barriers. But for now, that o my gets you part way there.

@Ben Stegink 


Ahh, thank you for the reply.


I may have just wasted some money signing up for a yearly commitment.. I was completely unaware that this wasn't possible.


I guess ill keep doing what i do and set up several business's and have an external user as the admin etc. Its becoming quite a pain with many many browsers for each business im maintaining, im sure somewhere out there is a solution.


Can i at least have several different domain names sharepoint sites under the one tenant i.e. Buisness2.sharepoint etc etc. and then i can just set up the security settings of individuals and security groups?



Not a problem.


Just a few things to be aware of:


1. If you are having external users that are employees, you still need to license them according to Microsoft Terms of service. You cant' have employees as "free" external users

2. Multiple browsers/Office 365 tenants, use Profiles in Chrome or the New Edge. It'll make your life way easier :) 

3. Nope, in and Office 365 tenant you get Everything else has to be under /sites/ or /teams/. You can't have multiple top-level domains for SharePoint in a single tenant.