need macro to find and copy range of data between specified cells.

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i need help with a formula or macro in excel 365 to find, select and copy an set of data from within a large array

i will try to explain succinctly  but this seems a convoluted problem.


i have a very large array of data with thousands of rows but only two columns. data is repeated multiple times within the array in sets. so i will have a range of data in column A with about 2000 rows, that then repeats after a row break of another estimated 5000 rows. i need to find this range of specified data within column A for each set. then i need to copy it and the corresponding cells in column B to another worksheet.

so for example i need all the data for both column A and B between (and including) the rows containing "-1000" and "1000" on column A . i need to repeat this after an interval of about 5000 rows.

i need to copy this data to another worksheet. each two-column set will be copied into a two-column set in another worksheet.

i hope i've explained myself well. I appreciate any help and feedback.


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