Need help to build excel formulas

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Hello everyone,


I need help with to process some data.



Problem 1: As per mentioned below, Can you please show me formula used so that i can have result for example, "3" in I7 column (Andrea, Thomas and Nicky counted as "3" even they appear multiple times)

Problem 1.JPG


Problem 2: What formula used to show that on each day, a certain number of name hit either 4 Flags, 3 Flags etc


Problem 2.JPG


Here I attached the data in Excel file too.

Thank you in advance :)



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Make sure to post this in the excel forum as well for better Response :)


Hi @specky_girl_88! If you only want to show the formular view in a worksheet, just go to "Formula" Tab in the ribbon - then click on that button to show, see my screenshot attached here. By the way: Your workbook was not be able to open. Excel said to me, it is kind of damaged, something is wrong with the saved filetype, although it is xlsx. Can you see your formula now? Greets, Eva.

Hi, thank you for your reply.

I'm sorry if my question came out wrongly. English is not my first language :)

What I would like to ask is what formula can be used in order to show result as per requirement in I4-I11. For example, on 3/12/18, only 3 unique names appear. So I need 3 to be shown on I6.

And for the file I attached earlier, I didn't encounter same error as yours. I was able to download the file even from different device.

Hello again :) OK, now I understand - hopefully. Your formula in I4-I11 has to be something with countif and I attached you another example, because my Excel is kind of preppy today... never mind.


Hope that screenshot helps :)