need Help migrating users mailbox from Go-daddy-M365 to Microsoft 365

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We are currently planning a staged migration from our mail users from GoDaddy-M365 to M365, we have critical users' mailboxes, I tried to search on many sites, but could not find any relevant documents, please help, 

Can we do a staged migration, or do we need to migrate all the users at the same time , since we have our company CEO, Director's mailbox also to be moved, so we don't want any downtime during the process?


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Best check with GoDaddy support on this.

@Vasil Michev 

Thank for your reply,

I have tried with Go-Daddy twice today, and they are helpless, 


So I found a little nifty trick with this the other day where you don't actually need to migrate from GoDaddy M365 -> M365. You can defederate your tenant from GoDaddy and regain complete control of it, go in and purchase your license from Microsoft, and then cancel them with GoDaddy.

When I last did this, I still didn't actually keep the tenant around, but based on what I read it should work. It at least makes it much easier to get your custom domain out of that tenant and into your new tenant.

Here is the process I found (and tried) for defederating from GoDaddy -

All that aside, if you do still go the migration route, I've never seen it done in a staged manner, I've always had to do it in one shot.