Need help in setting up Office 365 on my Android phone

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I've got an Office 365 Home Edition license. And I've been a Windows Phone user for many years. Love my Lumia 950!


But it is clear that I've got to move on. Today I intend to get an Android phone. I know that Microsoft makes all of their Office apps (or at least the ones I use - Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote, Skype, Teams, Flow and To-Do) available on Android. What I don't know is how one thing works with another? For example, should I put Microsoft People, such as what's in Windows 10, onto that Android, in order to make all of the contacts that I currently have in Outlook available to me? (I use my email account for doing email.)

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I@Rod Falanga I was a Windows phone user as well. I moved to Android and use the Outlook app from Google Play to access my mail. It is really easy to configure.


For me, all I needed to do was enter my email address and password into Outlook and everything moved forward from there.