Need ability to search for files Owned by Me & Shared with Specific People (then edit Share for ALL)

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When an employee leaves the organization or changes job roles, people who own documents that have been shared with that employee need to update sharing. (yes we know if they can't login, they can't access it, but it leaves the document share settings an absolute clutter fest)


Need a simple search option to look for documents Owned by Me and shared with Specific People (ability to select from list or enter email account).  Then when the results are found, need the ability to select some or all files and remove that person from Share settings on all documents selected. 


There is a report but it is useless because it is static with no links and you have to manually find each path and remove share settings on each and every document individually.  Plus, anything that is not a direct share, but a share link is created for, it only displays "specific users" in the report and doesn't show who those specific users are.


Google does this quite nicely - in the search options, there is an option on what to search and an option to search for shared with specific people.  The results are returned on the page and you can select all, click on the share button, and choose to remove the sharing for that specific person.


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