Name / mail address change after marriage - AAD Sync


Hi everyone,


we are having some problems with users that married and the changes that are happening (or does not) in Office365

We followed the recommendation to use the mail address as UPN. So after a marriage the UPN changes.

Therefore Exchange Online, Skype for Business, OneDrive etc has work to do.


I thought this would happen all by itself. But we now have one user that has big problems with several services (eg. old Skype for Business links are not working anymore because they still link to the old name).


We need a best practice what we need to perform on our side (especially if it changed after going to cloud) and what a user needs to perform.


Is this a MS doc i did not find with the search phrases i used? 


The user has to

-disconnect all his OneNote notebooks

-needs to share his OneDrive links again

-needs to delete the Lync folder to be sure

-needs to get a new profile in Outlook (does he/she needs to do that?!?)


Can anyone assist me with that? Or send me the link i did not find?


Thanks in advance


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Ok found it. Maybe i was just curious if it is really that user non friendly ;)

  • This change may take a while to take effect.
  • What their new username is. They'll need it to sign in to Office 365.
  • If they are using Skype for Business Online, tell them they will need to reschedule any Skype for Business Online meetings that they organized, and that they will need to tell their external contacts to update the old contact information.
  • If they are using OneDrive, tell them that the URL to this location has been changed. If they have OneNote notebooks in their OneDrive, then they may need to close and reopen them in OneNote. If they have shared files from their OneDrive, then the links to the files may not work and the user can reshare.
  • If their password changed too, tell them that they will be prompted to enter the new password on their mobile device, or it won't sync.
My best practice is to change their display name and email alias and tell them too bad so sad on the UPN change because it’s a nightmare. Hasn’t been a big deal lol.

@Chris Webb 

Change of mail addresses and name should be no problem .. they signed a contract for this ;)

But we now schedule all name changes to friday evenings because an assistant could not schedule Skype Meetings for 24h after changing the UPN and mail address.