MyAnalytics – Open to All with Teams and SharePoint Insights Coming



Microsoft announced that the MyAnalytics app is available to any Office 365 user with an Exchange Online license. Also, Teams and SharePoint signals are soon to be included in the MyAnalytics analysis and dashboard. Expanding the user base is a good idea, but the really big news is the expansion of MyAnalytics to cover a much wider breadth of Office 365 activity.

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More on why it has taken so long for Teams and SharePoint signals to appear in MyAnalytics

We have started seeing MyAnalytics in our E3 (for nonprofits) subscription. Waiting for the add-in. But, strangely this is missing from our E2 subscriptions (this is actually E1 for nonprofits branded as E2 for some reason).
Might not be available then! On the other hand you got it on E3 non profits..maybe not rolled out yet!
Someone else here might know more..