My Tenant ID has Changed and my Data in OneDrive is not accessable anymore.

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I had a domain in O365, and then I had another domain taking it over, so Domain 1 is now "under" the second domain.

This means, the Tenant ID has changed.

What I didnt think about was that all the Data in the OneDrive is still holding on to the old Tenant ID, and its not accessable now. Panic. What can I do ? I need to collect the data and have it transfered to the correct tenant / OneDrive.


Somebody must have done this mistake before, and have a solution for it.

Thanks in advance.


I added the error I get (43) when I try opening something from the old OneDrive which is still on my PC, but havent been downloaded, which is now not available as its "trapped" in the blue skies. It says in danish that there was an error (code 43).

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When my tenant's domain name changed, I worked with Tech Support and they helped with PowerShell scripts that helped with that process. You might reach out to them and ask for assistance. It's been a couple years since we changed our domain names so hopefully there's an even better process or scripts to use.

@Cary Siemers Thanks so much!

Can you help me with a link to Tech Support as I havent had any luck finding where I can create a case with them ?


It's available in the Admin Center.

@Cary Siemers  Thanks, I made a Tech support case :) I really hope they can fix it.

Good day.