My office build version is not updating to show new icons

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Hi All,


My office version is not updated to show the latest icons. All my peers have their office updated and displaying new icons/style. When I click on "update", the system is saying that I already have an updated version on my computer. My build version is 1808 (10730.20348). 

Can anyone help me with getting the new update to my office?

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Have heard of this a few times, such as to a user in this article

Have you tried a reinstall of Office to see if that fixes it?

Best, Chris
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Try to uninstall and reinstall it through Click-to-Run at but this will depend on your organization's setup. If you are setup for Semi-Annual, then you will get Semi-Annual etc.


I checked your version and it is the latest under Semi-Annual Channel.


You can try to change the channel to Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted). The modern icons was release on Version 1902: March 12 (Build 11328.20158)




Version 1904: April 29 (Build 11601.20144) on Monthly Channel. 


You can refer to this link if you want to switch to Monthly Channel.






No @Christopher Hoard. I am looking for other ways to easily resolve the issue.

Great, please post here if you find one so the wider community know about it.

Best, Chris

Thank you very much@Germaum . Changing the update channel from "Semi-Annual" to "Semi-Annual (Targeted)" worked for me. I used the below page to change my update channel and it did the magic.