my office 365 username suddenly dissapear

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Hello all,


I've bought subscription for office365 so that i can work from any web browser on any computer anywhere.


I was given username and password from local vendor since i reluctant to use online payment. the username is ( solid945 is username of my choice, the domain seems legit enough).


this morning I cannot logon to my account, and sadly I did not backup any of my files on one drive account with that username. I reach microsoft for help, and onedrive too, but all of them claimed there is no such usernale , nor that domain exist.


I still have the files on my computer, under folder onedrive grow distributed user, but I can not do anything....can not open, copy or paste into different folder, Saying that the cloud service is not running.


Well if anyone have experienced this kind of situation before, and perhaps come with any solution at all, that would be great help.


Thank you all


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Hi @sugionodjojo,


You would probably be best to speak to the people you purchased your account from, it looks like they have ran a Office365 tenant and would be responsible for administrating your account. 






Thanks for answering.


Unfortunately the vendor too just sell from other reseller. now i am retty much on my wn.


onedrive support staff unable to do anything.....    :(