my emails are being marked as spam

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we migrated to office365 3 months ago

over the last week or so we are getting complaints that our messages are marked as spam.
this usuualy happens when we send an email to a new client that we never emailerd before.

it happens mainly on gmail but sometimes buisness emails 

I checked the IPs that we are usuing on microsofts server and they seem to be in some blacklists.

microsoft support did not find any issue.

please help...

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Have you made sure that the spf record is correctly configured on the domain?

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  yes i have.
you can also see

SPF seems fine

Thanks for that

It doesn’t look like the domain is in any public blacklists

I would

1.) have the recipients add your domain to their whitelists

2.) enable DKIM on the domain

3.) Get the recipients to check the headers as in this article

4.) Correct the SPF it should be hardfail as in -all not softfail ~all

5.) If you have any 3rd party apps sending as your domain ensure they relay through Office 365 not send to the internet direct

6.) Check the content of the email being marked as spam. Do plain text emails get junked or is there things like images or signatures in the emails not native to the message which could be causing the issue. If so, you may need 3rd party signature software which embeds the image in the email

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris