Multiple Reply Buttons on Message

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Any ideas how to remove these buttons in yellow? Why do I need 2 lots of reply buttons on a mail message?



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From what I can see and information you provided , it seems that you added these buttons to "Quick Access ToolBar".


To remove them, please navigate to: File  > Options > Quick Access ToolBar>? Select and remove the ones added to the right side box. Then un-check "Show Quick Access Toolbar below the ribbon".




Hi @Deleted. Thanks for the reply but that's not it. The Quick Access toolbar is at the very top of the screen, not above the body of the mail message.



Sorry, I probably need more information to help you.


Is it happening just for you? Other users affected?


Have you done a "reset view"  on Outlook?


Are you a office365 User?


Thank you


Far as I know. You can't

@DeletedI've got a laptop and desktop. The laptop is fine but the desktop is not. I've triued resestting the view but those massive buttons above the mail message are still there.


I've just compared settings and they're identical so I have no idea why those buttons are being displayed.

you are probably on different office builds. File > office account > about office,



I do agree with @Chris Webb , it depens on your Office Build.


Could you please give me the details of the version / build of office Application on both machines?


I am really interested to install it on my test enviroment to see the difference.


Thank you


@Chris_Webb @Deleted many thanks for the replies. Laptop is 16.0.11601.20130 (64 bit), desktop is 16.0.11601.20238 (32 bit). I wonder if it's something they've introduced.



Then the soultion for you is to uninstall the current client software and install "16.0.11601.20130 (64 bit) build on the desktop. :)


I will test the 16.0.11601.20238 (32 bit) on my test environment and will get back to you here with an update.


Thank you



Yes, they started forcing the "New" look recently which was an optional preview checkbox previously.
@Deleted @Chris Webb thanks for the help. Have unistalled and re-installed the same version and it seems to have removed those buttons. So frustrating to have these things forced on you when they're regressions.
Everything gets upgraded at some point. Anyway, all release rings will include it before too long so it's going to be there at some point. I personally think they are pointless myself, butI guess they might be there for touch screen use, so IMO they should only show when in Touch mode.