Multiple languages in Outlook for Mac

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I am wondering if Outlook for Mac supports auto correct in multiple languages (at once).


For example, for a user sending an email that contains English, French and German.


Screenshot 2020-02-05 at 15.07.56.png


I have also set 'Detect Language Automatically' in Languages to no avail, however this is the default setting.


Thank you!


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@spg808 Have you also added the various languages in the System Preferences on the Mac?


Thanks for this. How can I do in (web version). Thanks.



I believe this is browser specific, so it will depend which one you use.

For Chrome  - Load chrome://settings/languages in the Chrome web browser. This opens the languages configuration menu. Click on the add button and add one or multiple languages to the browser. Make sure that "use this language for spell checking" is enabled for all of them.



Thanks for this. I am using Chrome and my set up is with 3 languages for quite a bit. I have changed the setting from basic to enhanced spell check but this does not do it either.