Multiple DLP Notification Emails


Multiple notifications are being repeatedly sent out for DLP Policy Matches. One user said she received 25 this morning. The notifications are all for a match in the same file on OneDrive for Business.


The file, and the DLP policy, have been there for at least 6 months but last week it all of a sudden started sending the repeated emails. It seems to send all the emails, wait a few days, and then send them again. 


The emails are coming from Office365 <> .

I had to turn off the DLP policy to stop all the spam.


Any idea what might be happening or even where to look?

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Open a support ticket and report this.

Did you get a resolution to this @John Twohig?  We are getting the same issue.

I@MichaelGoodman I would raise a ticket to see if there's an issue with the DLP logic in the service. Be warned if there isn't an obvious issue you'll more than likely be asked to delete and recreated the DLP policy.



I had to open a ticket with Microsoft. I don't know what caused the issue but they had to fix it. There wasn't anything I could do to fix it.