Multiple Accounts with MS Word Sign-In Issue

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I have a staff member who is always being asked to sign-in to Office 365 every time she uses multiple accounts within MS Word.  She has her main college email, and she uses a different email for training, but even when the account is switched to her main college account, it still asks to sign in when Word, or any Office package is opened.  Has anyone come across this issue and found a solution?


I've tried deleting all within credential manager, and signing out all accounts in 365, and uninstalled all of Office 365.  I have even re-imaged the laptop to start from scratch, but the issue still remains.  Office 365 uses MFA.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks.

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The experience with multiple accounts in Office leaves a lot to be desired, let's put it like that. Now that Microsoft is adding support for multiple accounts in the web apps too, hopefully the experience will improve a bit... I wouldn't hold my breath though.