Multi Value SharePoint List Lookup in Word doc stored in a Document Library

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a created Team (SPO site) with the following additions:

  1. in add. to the vanilla teamsite in SPO - there is although a contact list added to the SPO site
  2. document library of SPO side has "lookup" of the contact list  added to the Document library list
    1. see anschrift list lookup.jpg
  3. lookup fields from contact is more than just one
    1. all needed for a full address / Name,street, city etc


If I open a Word document in that doc library I can pick an choose with the SharePoint properties in Word the contact lookup of choice -- e.g. to produce a letter head

  1. see "Word list view .JPG" view

What I cannot pick is aside from the single shown lookup field in Word  -the missing pieces like street/city etc.

  1. see "Word list view.JPG" - compared with "TeamsDoclib view.JPG"


What can I do to retrieve the missing lookup fields in Word?


Attached you can find 3 screenshots

  • list design of doclib with the lookup fields from contact list
  • word view
  • list view in Teams/or SharePoint


Open to ideas or comments



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