msExchRemoteRecipientType for remote room mailbox in Ex2016

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  • Create an AD account in  a OU that syncs with 365.
  • On my on-prem (Ex2016 ) exchange, run a powershell command:
    enable-remotemailbox <name> -remoteroutingaddress <mailbox>@<company>
  • Once 365 has synced, change the mailbox to  Room
  • Back in Active Directory I change the attribute like below 
  • msExchRecipientTypeDetails :                  8589934592  it will show remote room mailbox  in
  • msExchRecipientDisplayType                 -2147481850
  • i wnat to know  msExchRemoteRecipientType   so that it will show under "resources" mailbox in EX2016


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thanks for your replay.


i already came across that link but it wouldn't help


Hi Dear,


Remote Recipient Type in Office365 should be :-


Provisioned, If mailbox is directly created in Office365.


Migrated, If mailbox is moved from Onpremise to Cloud.