MS-Word Merged document prints entire document instead of selected range

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When using the mail merge feature of MS-Word, I selected the option "Edit Individual Documents" when completing the merge.  This created an n-page long word document with one page for each record I am merging.  And each page ends with a section break.  This is standard functionality.


When I try to print this document, however, I find that I can only print the entire document.  Whether I select "Current Page" or "Selected Range:  5-15", MS-Word always sends the entire document to the printer.


Is there something I am doing wrong?  The print page or range function works perfectly with all documents except the output from a mail merge.

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Hi @mwcorg_2342 !


Does your local Word Application print it, when you use a copy of your data Source locally, without having internet connection? Try it once with a dummy data source excel workbook. Send a screenshot, if its not working yet. in Office 365 you always have to stay online while you are doing things with connected data source saved in OneDrive. Maybe this is the cause.


Try it once locally with local offline saved source and Document. I would recommend to participate to an Office 365 Training, because Office 365 isnt "normal" Office any more. Hope that helps. give a LIKE, if it works. Greets, Eva.