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I'm trying to merge the "comments" from multiple documents. When I do this...some of the comments from each documents are lost. It worked perfectly fine with no comments lost before MS made enhancements to the comments features. Any reasons for this or solutions to keep from losing some of the comments from ? Thanks!

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Hello, @jamason07, to merge comments from multiple documents in Word, follow these steps. Launch the revised document in Word. Switch to the Review tab. Hit Compare and choose the Combine option.


Go to the folder icon to select the Original document and Revised doc. Hit the More button. Uncheck all boxes except Comments. Select the destination from under Show changes in heading. Confirm by OK. Press Ctrl+S to save the doc.


Open the revised document in Microsoft Word and switch from the Home tab to the Review tab. In the Compare section, you will see a button called Compare. Click on it and select the Combine option. Now, click the folder icon visible next to the boxes to select the Original document and Revised document. After that, click on the More button to explore other options. Here you will see the Comparison settings. As you are going to merge comments only, uncheck all the boxes except Comments. Find more detail on the process here.


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