MS Teams with Wireless carrier for Direct routing ?

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Hello Community:


Is it possible to use a wireless carrier for Direct Routing for MS Teams?

If so, does anyone know which Wireless carriers in USA may do so?

If this is not possible, how to log the calls made from the Wireless phone automatically/live into MS O365?


( Spoke to an Xfinity loyalty department agent today, and the agent advised me that it could be done, but could not provide any documentation of same- i could not find anything online either.


Verizon is just hopeless in providing any answers since the past two months after several emails in response to the following article i found online

Verizon Enterprise Solutions to provide integrated connectivity for Microsoft Teams users | About Ve...

- the authors of this article were contacted but they did not respond and after several inquiries to Verizon I was cancelled)

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Yes, that is possible since they connect to Microsoft from their infrastructure. I cannot recommend any carrier but I would talk to the ones that act as both a wireless carrier and landline carrier. All of them I've been working with international assign a landline number to the user in Teams, but when they dial out their mobile number is shown, incoming calls are forwarded from mobile number to landline number in Teams.


I would recommend contacting the sales department for different carriers, and sometimes with new solutions as Teams it is easier to talk to the smaller carriers instead of the largest.