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Hi, we have recently setup Teams and it is working great.


We have Exchange 2013 so we are missing the Meetings integration in the app with our Outlook calendars.


But I understand that the OUtlook plugin could be used to create Meetings?


The problem is that the Addin doenst show in our Outlook 2016.


I installed the app using this command on our CitrixXenapp server as an admin.


msiexec /i Teams_windows_x64.msi OPTIONS="noAutoStart=true" ALLUSERS=1


We dont have modern authentication setup, is this why it does not show?


How do we setup modern authentication?



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I have found that moving the user over from Islands Only mode to Teams Only mode seems to fix the problem for us in our tenant.

Hi @danieldunn10 

I suppose that you have implemented Azure AD connect so you sync user to your O365 tenant.

If that's  so, you should have ability to create Teams meeting within Outlook for Windows.

If you want to have Calendar tab inside Teams app, then you need to run Hybrid wizard for Exchange.


Rich Co-Existence
In a Hybrid configuration, on-premises Exchange and Exchange Online mailboxes
can collaborate as though they are in the same organization.
calendar and free/busy information is available across both
, along with a common Global Address List and emails between
on-premises and cloud recipients being treated as internal messages.


If you want that MAC users have Teams add-on inside Outlook, then you need to migrate that user/s to Exchange online. But they can also use Calendar tab (once you run Hybrid) from Teams app and schedule Teams meetings.






Thanks for this, we dont have the AD connect setup. I do have a PC with Teams installed and it shows the Addin in Outlook. But in Remote Desktop when I log on as a user the addin does not show.


Is there something else needed for a remote desktop setup?


I'm trying to do the hybrid configuration, I am a little bit through it but I am stuck at this step





I don't understand your setup.

Teams is completely cloud service, hosted in O365.


So let's go from start:

you have on-premise Active directory with Exchange 2013.

you have tenant in the o365


1st step is to install Azure AD connect to sync on-premise AD users to O365. On o365 portal, or remote powershell you can give users appropriate licenses.

After that you are ready to roll and you can use Teams.


Added functionality like calendar in Teams .


Good links to start:



I am not sure if my issue is the same as yours. I am looking at a choice of Distance presentation methods and Teams appears to have the features I wanted. I was particularly leaning towards Teams as it was a Microsoft Product and I am a Office365 user and thought this would allow me to connect more readily with users and present with PowerPoint and connect using the Outlook Database.

My issue was that I could not get to add anyone that was being placed in my Outlook


I now believe I have isolated the issue. The Teams is drawing from my very old Skype database (not Skype for Business as it had not been created) that is likely 10 years old. 

At that time Skpye linked with Outlook but filtered out any contacts that were not Skype Users 


I want to know how to get rid of that issue and only draw and link to my Outlook Contacts or address book


Any thoughts, or am I asking the wrong group

If that's the case, what group should I join


Has the Microsoft Teams Group found and corrected this issue and, if so, how do I modify the Teams App to do as I wish?




@danieldunn10as illogical as it seems, download the 32-bit msi and try:

msiexec /i Teams_windows.msi OPTIONS="noAutoStart=true" ALLUSERS=1