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There are 2 Proxies that my organisation uses (I have no control whatsoever over them or the rules)


Proxy: .X1 allows Outlook app to connect to server, to function. It also allows Teams to function but NOT with video conferencing.

Proxy: .X2 allows for full Teams functionality but cuts off Outlook connection.


My PAC is like the below but it is not being taken up by Teams. Is there a way to direct Teams (or in fact Outlook) to a different proxy from the one specified in Internet Options>Connections>LAN Settings


function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
if (
dnsDomainIs(host, "*")
return "XX.XX.XX.X2:8080";
else { return "PROXY XX.XX.XX.X1:8080; DIRECT";}

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The recommendation is to bypass proxies, Microsoft have a list with Office 365 URLs and IP Addresses that you can use, there is also a custom PAC file that you can use to bypass proxy. You probably will get issues with audio/video calls in Teams if the traffic have to pass a proxy server.


Outlook and Teams will use the proxy settings that you set in Internet Options and I think that you can't specify a specific proxy for each application.