MS OneDrive and SharePoint domain name

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The current domain name of our SharPoint under our Office365 package is and we will be changing the domain name to the new name of the organization and so we will probably end up with .


Is OneDrive totally independent from SharePoint? And or is OneDrive normally linked to the domain name?


We want to start using OneDrive to store and share files, and so I want to be sure that OneDrive is independent from SharePoint, so that when we change the domain name we don’t need to reinstall OneDrive to migrate the files.

like i know that after we changed the domain name, all the files in the sharepoint will be no more but am not sure if the same thing happens to OneDrive?

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You cannot rename the domain, you're stuck with what you've selected during sign up. Only way to change it to create a new tenant and migrate all your data. And yes, ODFB is "linked" to SharePoint, so it will affect both.

Thanks for the reply