MS Office 365 University VS MS Office 365 Home.......Cost?

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Two time now, i have purchased Microsoft Office 365 University, renewing (1) time. One was for $99.00 and the renewal was for $79.99.

Both where for (4) year subscription! 

Now that i am lo longer a student and can no longer renew for the 365 University, I want to renew for MS 365 Home! But i'm not seeing the (option) to renew for 365 Home for (4) years. I seems that 365 Home can only renewed for (1) year @ $99.00 or $69.00?

My questions: 

**Is MS 365 Home available to renew for a (4) year subscription or just for a (1) year subscription ONLY now?

**Is MS 365 University the ONLY Package available at a (4) year subscription rate and the other packages available at (1) year rate ONLY? 

Please address this for me. It would just "stink" if i have to now renew for MS 365 Home for $99.00, (1) year sub. VS MS 365 Uni. for $79.00, (4) year sub.!

NOTE: If I'm wrong here and there are (4) year renewal subscriptions available, please elaborate for me.

Thank You 

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Hi Thomas,


You are right. Only 1 year at MS 365 Home.