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I started studying for MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals in July. I have done a lot of reading. I am now ready to begin taking some practice tests. However, I have not been able to find any. Any ideas where I can find some quality practice tests? Thank you.

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Hi @johnleejones!

I guess this is what You are looking for.

Maybe @Christopher Hoard has any additional resources to recommend?


Best of luck!

Regards, Magnus  

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Hi @Magnus Goksøyr @johnleejones

Sure - would recommend the following

1.) My blog - - please have reported through LinkedIn/Twitter they have just passed off of this but I would also advise

2.) MS Learn - what you referred to Magnus

3.) This EDX course - which has both practice tests for each part of the exams and labs.

I would also advise, if you are a Microsoft Partner, using to spin up a tenant, or if not then getting a 30 day trial of Microsoft 365 for exposure to the Admin Centre.

I believe that with this you should have a strong chance of passing the exam.

Currently there is no official practice test through MindHub, nor book through Amazon but both of these are forthcoming.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Hello , @Magnus Goksøyr 


Thank you. I was hoping for a practice test, but none are available.  My test is at the end of this month. I'll continue reading and practice with my 30-day trial.

Hello @Christopher Hoard ,


I have read the prep guide. I will sign up for the course you mentioned. I'll likely take a look at what pluralsight has to offer. Thank you for your help.

@Christopher Hoard Since the EDX course is no longer available I would also look at the new updated guides on

Yeah, EDX was retired since I posted last year. Blog (URL above), MS Learn, Docs, Book on Amazon, Official Practice Test, Pluralsight - loads of materials out there to have a successful outcome with MS-900.

Best, Chris