Moving to online from on premises

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We are looking to move from an on-premise Windows file server + exchange server to cloud.


- How do we setup a common shared drive with security integrated with Exchange online, like the on-premises system works?


- How can we give individual pcs access to the online shared drive? Do we need to add enough disk space to each pc to allow download of and access to the shared drive to each pc? So if shared drive content is 1 TB we need to have 1 TB free on each pc's drive to sync with the shared online drive?


What plan is best for this scenario?






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If you are planning to move your OnPremises files to Office 365:
(1) Corparte files should be moved to SharePoint Online there you have a storage of 1 TB+10 GB per licensed user
(2) Personal files should be moved to ODFB there each user has 1 TB of storage as starting point
What I don't see here is why you are relating Exchange with OneDrive For Business...can you clarify it?