Moving/merging data from Old Sharepoint sites to MS Teams

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As the title suggests, could you please advise whether it's possible to merge old Sharepoint sites, or if not, whether it's possible to move data on mass from Sharepoint to Teams? 


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About connecting classic sites to a new modern office 365 team site:


Also if this is not many sites, syncing both the old and new library and then copy / move the files between is a simple solution!

You can copy/move files and folders from the SharePoint interface as well! 



@adam deltinger Thank you Adam, I appreciate the quick response. I'll try what you have sent and let you know how it goes :)

My two cents here:
(1) Connect Sites to new SPO groups is only valid for the root site of a Site Collection. If you have subsites, then you will no have this option
(2) If you need to move a great amount of documents and also some othert SPO stuff such as SPO lists, then the Copy / Move To feature can be tricky and not enough. You should consider to invest on a migration tool that can help you here