moving from Outlook 2010 to Office 365

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Good day folks I'm sure what I'm after is already here but my search has been feeble. so let me explain, My client is using Office 2010 including Outlook and they would like to move to using Outlook on the web, but!!! they have there own domain. I'm finding that to be a bit of the tricky part. 


So could you point me to threads already relative and or tell me which product of Office 365 they will need so that I can set up there two email accounts on there domain. Secondarily I will want to sync there current Email and contacts to this cloud based service. 


BTW if it makes any difference there domain is hosted by Network Solutions Who I'm sure also offers Office 365 options. 


Thank you. 


Mike R

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I have a similar situation with a client that has their domain and email hosted by Network Solutions. Who is hosting your client’s email pre 365?

We are moving from Office/Outlook 2013 to Microsoft 365. My question is if they buy the 365 Business Standard from MS will it be fully functional pointed to the IMAP/POP email at NS? i.e. sharing calendars.

Or do I need to change the MX record in DNS to point email to a MS Exchange server and drop the NS email hosting?

I think to answer your question about syncing current email and contacts to Outlook 365, you will need to export their data from Outlook 2010 and then import into 365.


Let me know if you use NS to host their email and how you made out with going to 365.




I am bit late in responding but would like to suggest that data migration is the only solution. For this you have to export and import the data from Outlook 2010 or any version for that matter and import it into Office365. Here you need to first export the data from MS Outlook to PST and import it into Outlook for Office 365. For assistance you can reach me out.