Moving emails from shared mailbox to personal mailbox




We have a weird fault that started on the 7th Feb.  Using Outlook OWA on Edge.  The user has a shared mailbox in her list and she wants to move some emails to her personal mailbox.  In the past she has just dragged and dropped the email and it has moved.  Now when she drags and drops (and also using the move option) it copies the email, leaving the original in the shared mailbox.


Any idea why you can't move emails, only copy?  Can't find a setting for this and neither can I produce a good enough search term for google to find some help.


Thanks for any advice.

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Seems to work OK here, but if you can reliably reproduce the issue open a support case and report it.

Hi@Jason Denness 

what AccessRights are set for the user on this folder? You can check it the PowerShell command
Get-MailboxFolderPermission <SharedMailbox>:\<Foldername>


I know a similar behavior when you try to move a mail from a read-only mailbox. But here I would honestly expect an error message.

I never get anywhere with support cases with Microsoft, just get passed around until I give in. Why I come here, much better support. :)
Permissions all look ok. I might try the new Edge Browser, see if that fixes things. Does feel like a random glitch to me as there isn't an error message.
Still does it in new Edge browser. They logged on to another computer and it worked ok there so permissions must be ok.

This is no longer happening, guess Microsoft fixed things.  wooo