Moved from Google Drive to One Drive - lost share settings

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I recently moved from Goggle Drive to One Drive.  In Google Drive I was able to set different share access on each file/folder. We had an umbrella folder for the company and under that were different departments - Marketing, Sales, HR, etc. Within those folders were sub-folders (by employee or by project). Some folders were only accessible at the executive lever, some only to specific employees. However, when the files/folders were moved over to One Drive, they lost their share settings and every file became editable by everyone in the company. When I tried to change those share settings to "Specific People" can edit or not edit, it would send the notice to those employees, but the share status did not change - it was still editable by every employee. I was told that the "umbrella" company account had to be the most accessible (every employee can edit) because share setting filtered downwards, but because of that setting, I can't change any of the share settings in the sub-folders. I'm assuming that I just don't know how to set the share settings correctly. Any help?

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You dont need to have the "everyone can edit" permissions on the top-level folder, try changing that and see how it works.

@Vasil Michev Thanks but I was told that the share settings filter "down", so if I do that (for instance, made the top folder only editable to Specific People) than all the files/folders under that folder have that same limitation. Is that not true? Can I be more restrictive at the top, and open share settings in the sub-folders?

No, that's not true.

@Vasil Michev Thanks. I figured it out by using Share Point.