Moved a folder inside Documents in Onedrive for Business, files and subfolders disappeared

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I wanted to use the Auto Save protection feature on the Onedrive for Business sync client


So I dragged and dropped a large folder with many subfolders and files into Onedrive Documents


Now most subfolders and files are missing.


Help. My admin and his support is very limited, small org., no spare hands, many users.

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Strange! Check the cloud icon in the taskbar for sync issues! Also open the web version and check the recycle bin in the left panel!

Maybe I should not panic. Using the Desktop, Pictures, Documents auto save feature meant that my home connection on old network connection (yr-2008 mobo) has been working several days to get 130GB of pictures and 100GB of music on OneDrive for Business. Is it possible that the Documents are just way behind in the queue?

Its possible but i think they should copy them locally! If you click the cloud icon it should say what is syncing and what’s left