Move archive mailbox to principal mailbox (O365)

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Hi everyone,


Hello, I have seen some themes already created related to the same point indicated in the subject.
But of those already seen, none allows "to move" the content respecting the same hierarchy of folders.

For example, I found this script very good but when I applied it (apparently there are problems with this script), I moved all the content to a single folder, which does not meet the objective:


This other script, complies with what is mainly required but it should be done folder by folder and we talk about replicating it in almost 600 users:


I understand there is not something native to Office 365 to perform this type of procedure, but someone who has gone through the same and how I solve it, it would be good if you could share it and I would really appreciate it.


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Thanks vasil for the reply.
I want to try this script in my laboratory and then I will give my comments.