More than one signature in OWA - any plans?




Does someone know if there are any plans in providing ability to have more than one signature in OWA?


As there is only one signature I plan to deploy solution based on forms/flows/SQL table and PowerShell - for users to confirm they would like to change the signature.


However if we know that this feature will be added in like the nearest future (couple of months) there is no sense for me in doing this, as this solution later need to be maintained etc., you know how it is - always better to keep it simple.


Just thinking - maybe @Julia Foran can give some heads up on this ? ^^

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Hi Patel

Uservoice is open for it here

Would recommend you vote on it to push it up the agenda. Whilst there are loads of votes for this unfortunately it’s been open for some time (3 Years) so it’s difficult to say how far up on the agenda it is and it doesn’t look like it’s a priority otherwise the uservoice would state it’s planned etc

Let’s hope it gets picked up at some point.

To note you can have third party software that can do this. House rules mean I can’t name them here but if you have a look on the web you will easily find them.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Hi@Christopher Hoard !


Thanks for the message, I saw the uservoice - didn't want to write there - makes no sense, MS is not reading them I guess as cases are there opened for years.


Wanted to ask if someone knows what is the work progress - if there is any - on this feature. For calendars in Exchange for instance @Julia Foran writes updates about features - which is just AMAZING GREAT SUPER EXTRA thing ^^, and what is the progress - I thought it might be the same for signatures.


Appreciate suggesting 3rd party features, however I do not want to use them (I know some that adds signatures in the flow etc. - do not want that really), I can write my own and have a full control over it - just do not know whether there is a sense in investing time in writing a PowerShell functions for it.

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Sure. I guess at the current time there is nothing from Microsoft to state they are going to develop this.

If it’s something you need I would say to proceed as you planned.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Thanks Chros! ^^



@Pawel Jarosz  and @Christopher Hoard thanks for reaching out and for giving some feedback around multiple signatures.  At this time, I don't have anything to share pertaining to when that might show up in the new Outlook on the web experience.  We continually review top requested features and functionality from our customers.  


We have been actively responding to and prioritizing work from our UserVoice topics.  As you can imagine most of our development effort has been happening in our new release that will be coming to your companies soon.  I would recommend keeping an eye on the forum for the new experience.  We have been actively closing items there regualrly and updating the roadmap.  In the last month there have been 25+ resolved items.  


The item that is tracking this work is this post  -


Thanks for the feedback, and let me know if there is anything I can do for you!


David Los

Lead Product Manager - Outlook on the Web

Hi @David Los, thank you for your respond.


Good to know that someone is actually looking on the user voice platform - you really cheered me up with this. Well, than no more confirmation needed - going ahead with our custom solution based on forms/flow to let people decide whether they would like to change the only signature in OWA.


Anyway - than you all for responses, you guys really helped in setting up plan of actions for this.




@Pawel Jarosz Happy to help, and thanks for the feedback!